Columbus Short’s Wife Loosing Her Cool


For better or for worse?

For better or for worse?

Columbus Short had gotten arrested in the past for fighting with his wife. However, this time his wife is in the spotlight for her unethical behavior. This incident happened in February when Columbus was bailed out of jail and his friend Tilley Key came to pick him up from his home. While Tilley was picking up Columbus, Tanee (Columbus’s wife)came and attacked Tilley. Columbus had the footage on camera and it’s nowt being revealed to the public eye. Tilley said she suffered a concussion cervical sprain, multiple contusions and other injuries. At the moment Tanee has a retraining order against Columbus but it hasn’t been reported if Tilley has one against Tanee.


Meek Mill Has Officially been Released from Jail

On Tuesday December 2, 2014 Rapper Meek Mill had been released from jail after serving 5 months. Meek Mill had been arrested for violating his parole in a 2009 drug case. Meek Mill was touring and over stepping his boundaries which caused his probation officer to report him and cause him to be arrested. Meek Mill had the opportunity to get out of jail early but the judge denied him of that. While in jail Meek Mill was ordered to take etiquette classes and after being released he has to do a number of hours for community service. At the moment Meek isn’t allowed to travel which hopefully doesn’t put a damper on his album release.meek mill

Congratualtions to Solange and Alan.

Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson tied the knot on November 16, 2014 among close family and friends in New Orleans, Louisiana. Alan is a video director and music producer.The Wedding was an all white affair.Guest were asked to wear white and come with their enthusiasm. Solange and Alan had a unique wedding. They rode white bikes instead of a horse and carriage and sat at two long tables when eating with their guest after the ceremony.After dinner the guest rode a party bus and went to Esplanade street and danced as a live band played. Older sister “superstar” Beyoncé Knowles-Carter was there with her daughter and husband (rapper) Jay-z.solangebey

Oh boy, Chris Brown lost his cool

Bestfriends or naw?

Bestfriends or naw?

It’s been over a couple of months since the new show “The Real” featuring Adrienne Bailon, Tamar Braxton,Tamara Mowery, Jeanie Mai and Loni Love. The shows topics are broad and sometimes controversial. Following this further, things got a little out of hand when the conversation about Karrueche Tran (Chris browns girlfriend)came about. Tamar Braxton and and Adrienne Bailon supposedly said some offensive things concerning Chris Brown and Karrueche Trans relationship and basically saying he’s lost and doesn’t know what he wants. Chris Brown responded by calling Adrienne Bailon a “old trout mouth chick” and Braxton he referenced to as the “ugly sister”. Chris Brown obviously seemed angry.

Lauryn Hill feeding the flame at the Electric Factory

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn and Nas performing "If I Ruled the World".

Lauryn and Nas performing “If I Ruled the World”.

lauryn and nas Lauryn Hill was in Philadelphia on Nov. 15 performing some of her greatest hits. The concert was held at the electric factory, which offers fans a more close intimate setting due to space. Lauryn Hill came out with a new look, hair cut low, unique clothing and a fresh sound.  Lauren had a guest band playing music in order to excite the crowd. Supporters of the show kept ramping and raving about how great the band was. Lauryn did arrive late but when she arrived she started performing. She shared some of her new material but then some of her old material with a little twist. Hearing from audience members they enjoyed the show overall, but they wish she would of kept her old songs the way they were. Lauryn was also joined by legendary rapper, Nas. Nas and Lauryn seemed to vibe well, and the artist music complements one another.

Stevie Wonder Baby #9

Stevie Wonder is known for being one of the greatest music entertainers in todays history. It has recently been announced that he is having his 9th child and her name will be Nia. Stevie and his girlfriend (Toomeka Robyn Bracy) are expecting their bundle of joy in Dec. 2014. Stevie Wonder has children from the ages of 1-39. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Tom Wolf Pennslyvania’s New Governor

Yesterday at 9 p.m. it was announced that Tom Wolf had won the title of being Pennsylvania’s Governor over not so popular current Governor Tom Corbett. It was said that before the polls shut down completely, Wolf was winning by 13%. Earlier this week (Sunday) President Barak Obama came to Philadelphia to show his support for Tom Wolf and his democratic party. After speaking with people from Philadelphia they were so adamant about getting Corbett out of office. Also voters came out to change the persons occupying the 18 seats for Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives. In the past there were 13 Republicans who occupied that position but voters say they look to change that.

The President of the United States of America "Barak Obama" came to speak in Philadelphia on behalf of Tom Wolf.

The President of the United States of America “Barak Obama” came to speak in Philadelphia on behalf of Tom Wolf.

The recent Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett and the newly elected Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf.

The recent Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett and the newly elected Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf.